If you RUN, you are a RUNNER

Leap Runner

Leap Runner gives everyone the motivation to challenge yourself to help maintain your stamina and to improve your running appetite.

Gamified Virtual Run Concept

We offer gamified virtual run concept that lets you do real time run challenges with your friends, that bring more playfulness and joy while you are able to maintain your own wellbeing.


Runners are motivated to improve their runs not only with the challenges but also through our competitive online rewarding system. Rewards are given once the challenge has been completed through an honour-based, self-report system. Usually, the reward is a custom designed medal given to honour the achievement. In virtual races participants are accountable to themselves to complete their challenge. And for your own convenience running races can be completed at your pace anywhere in the world.

LeapRUN community

Be a part of the LeapRUN community whether you are playing a physical racing challenge by yourself or meeting up with other runners around the globe.

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Our team


Managing Director

Binth is the Managing Director and the founder of Leap Runner. She believes in looking good to feel good. As such she started her fitness goals at her teens. She loves physical workout challenges and became part of the running community. Although she workouts, runs and tries to be in good shape she can’t let go of cheese and chocolates.

She did her degrees from Malaysia where she earned a Master’s degree in management and a BA in Business. She never played PUBG but loved how players were addicted to the game like how she’s addicted to workouts, and so Virtual Runs became a must!



Dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur and having a keen interest in being physically and mentally fit, Shiu has been trying to find an opportunity to invest on both areas. When introduced to the idea of virtual run concept by her friend Binth (founder of Leap Runner), she grabbed on this opportunity and saw this as the first step on trying to achieve her goals.

She achieved Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Business Administration from Malaysia. Shiu feels thrilled to begin and explore her journey with Leap Runner community.